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Milano Business School was founded in Milan to develop research, updating activities and advanced training for professionals focussing on the international evolution of certain significant commercial fields active in pointing out and anticipating tendencies.
Milano Business School collaborates also in the organization of international competitions involving concepts and projects related to its areas of interest.  

The relationship between “Architecture & Marketing”
The Food-away-from-home industry establishments, the new retail spaces, companies working in the HORECA sector – the international acronym for the sector of Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés - are some essential, but not exclusive, fields for the analysis of the evolution and the strategic importance of the relationship between “Architecture & Marketing”, which is fundamental for the success of a commercial space.

To direct choices and seize opportunities
Meeting with the public, the relationship with people and their needs, the continuous sharing of proposals and solutions indeed make HORECA spaces laboratories of innovation and testing of concepts, solutions and trends, and their development contributes to direct choices and seize opportunities.

Exchange of ideas, business relationships and networks for the advanced training of entrepreneurs, architects and designers
The continuous exchange of ideas, the development of relationships and an international network of know-how and expertise are the method and goal of Milano Business School’s activities, aimed at the needs of the corporate world, the concrete updating of entrepreneurs, new entrepreneurs, architects and designers, who are called to be strategic interpreters, within these professional fields, of the dynamics of the market and the relationship between “Architecture & Marketing”.

Every year an international calendar of appointments for professionals
Every year Milano Business School organizes for the Italian and international industry over 15 courses of advanced training in different lengths and structures. Short Masters, Open Workshops and Focus Labs presented in different languages and customized on concrete updated needs of companies and professionals active in the labour market.

Every year professionals coming from Italy and abroad, attend directly the appointments of advanced training organised by Milano Business School, with an increasing international presence.

All the initiatives take place at the Penthouse Classroom in the centre of Milan, at the companies’ offices and showrooms, and within specialist trade shows in Italy and abroad.

Milano Business School promotes the development of the Permanent Observatory of Architecture & Marketing on the Evolution of HORECA Establishments, which provides companies and operators of the industry a qualified periodic updating on the different aspects of the continuously changing field of hospitality and food & beverage spaces.
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